Philex is a leading manufacturer for antenna, signal distribution, splitter, taps and audio video accessories. And its expertise is in developing and producing high quality products. Philex has an enviable reputation for innovation, quality, reliability and excellent customer service.
Philex markets both retail and trade orientated products through an extensive network of wholesalers, distributors and retailers including Europe, America and the Far East.
With a head office in UK, Philex has invested extensively in its own manufacturing and logistics facilities in China.
Philex has developed its own in-house Design Studio, Technical Support and Research and Development departments both in China and in the UK. This enables Philex to create exclusive, innovation and compelling products and retail solutions at very competitive prices.
Philex's successful network of owned factory and partnership agreements demonstrates it has the proven capability to extend even the most discerning of retailers and wholesalers expectations.
We are confident that Philex is now ideally placed to meet the challenges of both the consumer and professional markets in the future.

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